Ionic Shower Replacement Mineral Ball Refills

Ionic Shower Replacement Mineral Ball Refills


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Kampolly Replacement Mineral Ball Refills

Get relief from flaky dry scalp with these mineral ball filters ! 

these ceramic stones produce a strong electrostatic attraction which helps to absorb harmful heavy metal ions, purify water and improve the concentration of reactive oxygen species. The  ceramic stones contain iron, zinc, selenium, sodium, potassium, calcium and other trace elements and mineral beneficial for body health.

Contents of refill packet :-

  • The Anion mineral balls (grey ceramic stones) :- Makes the skin soft and elastic by helping to adjust the PH value of your water. This adjusted PH level improves the quality of your water, which is beneficial for your overall health.


  • Infrared mineral balls (red ceramic stones) :- These red stones help activate cells which promote blood circulation, moisturizing your skin and reducing oil secretion.

Note :- to make sure you get the best results out of your ceramic stones replace the mineral balls in your Ionic Shower Head every 6 months.