The Inglorious Mariner - Molokay Hair Fixing Spray (200ml)

The Inglorious Mariner - Molokay Hair Fixing Spray (200ml)


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Ecological no-gas fixing spray for volume & perfect hold

The Molokay Hair Fixing Spray by The Inglorious Mariner provides volume and a perfect hold from the hairline. The spray dries quickly without weighing down and leaves no residue. It protects the hair from drying out and from damage caused by the weather. The hairspray is perfect for hairstyles that are modelled with a wide-tooth comb. When applied to damp hair, it adds volume as it dries. The natural hairspray works without propellant gas.

How to use:

To create volume before an hairstyle, spray a quantity of product on the hair to cover all the strands. Use from a distance of 20-30 cm and give the desired shape to the hairstyle.