Malibu C Water Test Kit

Malibu C Water Test Kit


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This kit is a tool to test hardness of water (the presence of calcium and magnesium) and the presence of chlorine - the two factors that most adversely affect hair, scalp and skin issues.

This Kit Includes:-

  • Testing Instructions
  • Vial of Chlorine Indicator
  • Water Hardness Test strip
  • Water Analysis Guide
  • Hard water Wellness Hair Remedy


How it Works

Easy Steps for Testing Hardness of Water:

  1. Tear open Water Hardness Test Strip package and remove test strip. Keep package to refer to key indicating levels of hardness.
  2. Insert the grayish-green colored end of the water hardness test strip into the flow of water for a few seconds then remove from water. We recommend you test the water you use to shampoo and bathe (shower or tub).
  3. After 12 seconds, compare water hardness test strip to key on side of test strip package indicating the levels of hardness.
    < Green = Soft < Brown = Hard Water < Orange = Very Hard Water