Naturigin - Refresh Dry Shampoo
Naturigin - Refresh Dry Shampoo

Naturigin - Refresh Dry Shampoo


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Dry Shampoo

For everyday use vitalizing fast fix on-the-go dry Shampoo. [Natulique] Vitalizing Dry Shampoo is an invisible dry shampoo that is perfect for refreshing hair before, or after a hectic day. This dry shampoo absorbs excess oil, dirt and any unwanted residues from styling products, leaving the hair bouncy, refreshed and manageable. This dry vitalizing shampoo has a unique and exclusive formula. When you are short of time, [Natulique] Vitalizing shampoo is the ideal solution to achieve beautifully designed, perfectly coiffured, and completely de-greased hair. For a shampoo that will add more volume to your hair while protecting it from the effects of over-washing, this is the perfect dry shampoo.

Active ingredients:
Goji Berries and Aloe Vera; rich in antioxidants, vitamins, amino acids and nutrients ensuring a healthy looking natural feel hair.

Instructions for use
Hold the can approx 30 cm (12 in.) from dry hair. mist lightly, directly away from eyes while layering for a stronger hold.