The Inglorious Mariner - Amber Beard Wash (100ml)

The Inglorious Mariner - Amber Beard Wash (100ml)


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For a clean & healthy beard! 

The Amber Anti Pollution Beard Shampoo by The Inglorious Mariner gently cleanses the beard hair and the skin underneath. The beard shampoo has a pleasant scent and contains valuable ingredients such as jojoba, almond and rice bran oil. The shampoo makes the beard and the skin underneath beautifully soft and prevents the formation of dandruff. At the same time, it provides the skin with intensive moisture, disinfects the beard hair and eliminates stubborn odours that the beard can absorb during the day.

How to use:

Before proceeding with AMBER moisten the beard with warm water or - if you have enough time - use a moist towel to dilate the pores of the skin and soften the beard hairs. In this way the product penetrates better. Apply a small amount of product on the hands and massage it over the beard, taking care to penetrate the product until it reaches the skin under the beard. Rinse with warm water.